Sketching Life looks at the process of developing something into a finished work, specifically here in a rehearsal of Elements Ballet’s Artistic Director Mike Gosney’s final work for longtime company dancer Megan Walsh. As Gosney prepares his last ballet featuring Walsh, these intimate moments between choreographer and muse are captured not only on camera by filmmaker Brian VandenBos but (with help from a group of local sketch artists) also on paper. Created by: Mike Gosney and Brian VandenBos Cast: Ivan Bruns-Trukhin, Lydia Carpenter, Tiffany McCord, Dani McGowan, Emmanuel Ramirez, Brennen Renteria, Skyler Sward, and Megan Walsh, with sketch artists Natalia Dadasheva, Rodney Dallah, Mary Jo Ernst, Xana Jazmin Juarez, Eric W. Marsten, Adrian Navarro, and Shruti Vijay World Premiere April 19, 2018 at Elements and Chill, Chicago, IL. Produced by Elements Ballet and Brian VandenBos. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

Are people pulled together at random in the vacuum of space-time, or does love pop in and out of existence like a quantum particle? Choreography: Joseph Caruana Music: Max Richter Dancers: Ivan Bruns-Trukhin and Joseph Caruana DP/Editor: Paul Myzia Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet.

When the desires of three aspiring performers go unmet, each must decide what they are willing to sacrifice for their craft. Film by Joseph Caruana, Andrew Palmer, and Jordan Selander. Music by Joseph Haydn, musical performance by ALEXA GRÆ. Starring ALEXA GRÆ, Tiffany McCord, and Chantal' Ashanté Hill.

For a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a moment of calmness is a rare and precious thing. Choreographer and dancer: Emmanuel Ramirez Filmmaker: Andrea Mendez Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet.

The Oracle of Atlantis is said to give gifts that can change a person's life.....if they are willing to pay the price. Choreography: Joseph Caruana. Director of Photography: Topher Alexander Music: Ramin Djawadi Dancers: Ivan Bruns-Trukhin with Lydia Carpenter, Tiffany McCord, Brennen Renteria, Skyler Sward, and Megan Walsh Costumes: Meriem Bahri and MJ Ernst Makeup: Erin Hughey Special thanks to Studio5 and Dance Center Evanston. Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet

Who knew Chopin could be silly? Film by Brian VandenBos. Choreography by Mike Gosney. Dancers: Ivan Bruns-Trukhin, Tiffany McCord, Dani McGowan, Evan Lindsay, Skyler Sward, Brennen Renteria Music: Frederic Chopin. Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet.

The leader of Atlantis' army is more powerful and fearsome than ever before. Film by Rebecca Montalvo. Choreography by Victoria Vargas. Music by Vangelis. Dancers: Tiffany McCord, Skyler Sward, Dani McGowan Costumes by MJ Ernst and Meriem Bahri. Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet.


Elements Ballet's "In the Garden of Atlantis," An Evening of Fashion and Fantasy, Saturday, November 18, 2017 at Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL. Starring the dancers of Elements Ballet in fashion designs by (in order of appearance) Amara Black, MJ Ernst Couture, and Sky Cubabcub/Rebirth Garments. Featuring artwork by Chloe Feldman Emison and photography by Topher Alexander plus appearances by performing artist ALEXA GRAE. Choreography includes dancer improvisation as well as excerpts from "Atlantis (work-in-progress)" by Mike Gosney, Joseph Caruana, Callie Croom and Tiffany McCord. Lighting by Joshua Paul Weckesser of Bread and Roses Productions. Dancers Lydia Carpenter, Hannah Duncan, April Falcon, Tiffany McCord, Dani McGowan, Emmanuel Ramirez, Brennen Renteria, Skyler Sward, Liz Stillerman, and Megan Walsh. Photo stylist MJ Ernst and make-up designer Erin Hughey. Live performance make-up design by MJ Ernst, Sky Cubabcub, and Amara Black. Videography by Jordan Selander. Video editing by Joseph Caruana. Music: "No Roots" by Singo ft. Kim Greene.


A priestess receives a prophecy that reveals dark secrets about the fate of the city of Atlantis. Choreography by Mike Gosney and Joseph Caruana. Film by Lonnie Iske. Music by Vangelis. Dancers Ivan Bruns-Trukhin, Evan Lindsay, Tiffany McCord, Dani McGowan, Brennen Renteria, and Skyler Sward. Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet.

The Circle is a short narrative film by Anna Long and Alexander Perez that follows five individuals who, through coming together, become entangled in a mysterious ritual that appears to awaken a sinister force between them. (Note: The Circle includes some frightening imagery) Choreography: Anna Long Filmography: Alexander Perez Dancers: Daniel Chenoweth, Tiffany McCord, Dani McGowan, Brennen Renteria, and Megan Walsh Produced by Elements Ballet, Anna Long, and Alexander Perez. Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet. All rights reserved.


Barbara Toes by Callie Croom (choreographer) & Anna Castelaz (filmmaker)

Choreographer Callie Croom tends to obsess over details, and this piece is no exception. Through filmmaker Anna Castelaz’s lens, the intricacies of Croom’s work are magnified, dissected, and brought in and out of focus, showcasing the technical execution of the dancers while finding personality and contrast in their movement.

Dancers: Lydia Carpenter, Tiffany McCord, Dani McGowan, Emmanuel Ramirez, and Skyler Sward

Produced by Elements Ballet for Elements and Chill, April 19, 2018, at WeWork Kinzie.


Montage from Threepieces, May 2017 at the Studebaker Theater, Chicago, IL, featuring Zodiac by Mike Gosney, The Misfortunate Beauty of Joe Danek by James Gregg, and The River by Joseph Caruana.


Elements Ballet's 10th Anniversary Concert, presented Sunday, November 20, 2016 at the Studebaker Theater in downtown Chicago, featuring Mike Gosney's "Pathos" and Joseph Caruana's "The Sun King". Video by Jordan Selander.



AYA, An Aerial Ballet, with Aerial Dance Chicago. Choreography by Mike Gosney, Joseph Caruana, Chloe Jensen, and Karen Fisher Doyle. Presented Saturdays, October 10 and 17, 2015 at Chicago's Athenaeum Theatre. Video by Jordan Selander.



The dancers and creative teams of Aerial Dance Chicago and Elements Contemporary Ballet on the making of AYA, An Aerial Ballet. Video Directed by Jordan Selander, edited by Yusef Baig, copyright 2015 Elements Contemporary Ballet and Aerial Dance Chicago.


Excerpts from Joseph Caruana's "Angel" at the McCallum Theater Dance Under the Stars Choreography Festival 2011. Dancers Joseph Caruana and Megan Walsh.


"The Misfortunate Beauty of Joe Danek". Choreography by James Gregg with music by Chris Garneau. Videography and film editing by Jordan Selander. Performance featuring Tiffany McCord with Liz Stillerman and Megan Walsh at "First Draft" with Winifred Haun and Dancers, Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Chicago, IL, February 16-17, 2016.


Lost in the Atlantean wilderness, two refugees meet and form an unlikely bond. Choreography by Mike Gosney. Film by Brian Vandenbos. Music by Vangelis. Dancers Brennen Renteria and Megan Walsh. Copyright 2018 Elements Ballet.