The Fifth Element

Join the community of supporters that believe in the mission, unique philosophy, and work of Elements Ballet. You are the Fifth Element that makes our company whole - become a part of The Fifth Element donors circle today!

Elements Ballet is all about honoring the different facets of dance and art: not only the technique itself, but the emotional, physical, and intellectual aspects that must be present in order for us to achieve excellence and move our audiences. In rehearsal, we speak of these aspects in terms of four Elements: earth for physicality, air for focus, water for fluidity, and fire for creative passion.

Yet there is a Fifth Element that is absolutely essential to our mission and work: you! Art cannot achieve meaning without the audiences who experience it and bring its messages out into the world. The Fifth Element includes everyone who is involved in the work we do: from collaborators, to administrators, to volunteers. Most importantly, it includes you, the audiences who make it all possible and allow us to survive and thrive as working artists.

In that spirit, we ask you to give generously - whatever that means for you. By donating to The Fifth Element campaign, you are helping us begin production work for Atlantis in 2020, a passion project that we’ve dreamed of presenting since Elements’ inception over a decade ago.

Your contribution serves as seed money for us to begin collaborating with artists and illustrators; dramaturgs and writers; lighting, costume, and set designers; musicians who’ll be adapting the score; and most importantly, the dancers who are at the heart of what we do. All of these artists are needed to stage a major production like Atlantis, and your support helps to ensure their continued presence and work in the Chicago cultural community.

Thank you so much for being part of our vital Fifth Element community!

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